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  Serigraphs As An Investment

As you all are aware that a ‘Serigraph' is one of the types of prints regarded as a Fine Art Print hence basically the rules of investing in serigraphs remain the same as elaborated in ‘Investing in Fine Art Prints' . However, where serigraphs are concerned, I would like to highlight certain positive arguments in favour of ‘Serigraphs as an Investment' as compared to other printmaking mediums without undermining the importance and relevance of the other mediums of Fine Art Prints.

  • A Serigraph is the preferred printmaking medium for artist printmakers who are predominantly painters as this medium allows them to attain a heightened quality, feel and visual engagement level which would be similar to their paintings in comparison to any other fine art printmaking medium.
  • Worldwide, it is an accepted fact that paintings are more sought after than any other medium in the field of visual fine arts, thereby making the case stronger for serigraphs as an alternative to paintings as they share a similar visual appeal especially in cases where the serigraphs have been printed with precision and with a strict focus on quality, again giving a leading edge to this printmaking medium.
  • The market for serigraphs due to its instant appeal extends to all segments of the art collector community be they amateurs or connoisseurs unlike other printmaking mediums which may only be appreciated by the trained eye or the seasoned collector, thus widening its resale market and thereby leading to increased returns .

Based on these points in favour of serigraphs, one can safely conclude that they do have a considerable edge over other printmaking techniques with regard to the finished print and its overall demand which would inadvertently raise its price in higher multiples as compared to other Fine Art Prints.

- Lavesh Jagasia