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  Purchase Procedure
‘The Serigraph Studio' endeavors to provide a smooth and convenient method of transacting on this website for all its customers and therefore has outlined a simplified purchase procedure as detailed below.
  • 'The Serigraph Studio' recommends all prospective buyers intending to place an order on this website to register by completing the registration form. Even though registration is not compulsory for placing orders in the ' Online Gallery ' it is advisable to do so as this would enable us to provide you a more personalised and seamless shopping experience. In case you choose to register ‘ Click Here '.
  • Having selected the serigraphs you want to order, the next stage is to click on the ‘Buy Now' button placed alongside the respective images of each of the serigraphs.
  • Upon placing the order we will re-confirm to you by e-mail or telephone the availability of the items ordered and advise you the various options and cost of shipping available for your order. You may opt to cancel the order without any penalty should these costs be unacceptable.
  • While replying to our re-confirmation, mention the mode of shipment you opt for and the method of payment you will use, from the options displayed on the ‘ Payment Options ' page.
  • Check that the details pertaining to your order are accurate and your shipping address is correct and complete in our re-confirmation, else make necessary changes and corrections and send it to us and await a revised re-confirmation.
  • After receiving our re-confirmation, If all order details are accurate, shipping address is correct and the shipment mode with costs are identified, make full payment including shipping, packing costs and additional levies if any applicable by selecting one of the options from the ‘ Payment Options ' page.
  • On receiving your payment, we will notify you and also log in your order for dispatch.
  • The orders are dispatched typically in 7 working days after receiving payment.
  • On dispatch, we shall advise you, the buyer, with the shipping details and approximate delivery dates assured by the shipping company.
  • Any discrepancies, short-shipment, damages, defects and or complaints must be notified to us within 3 working days of receipt of items to enable us to redress the issue.