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  Pricing Policy
‘The Serigraph Studio' has adopted a pricing policy similar to leading fine art limited edition print publishers and distributors across the globe.

This pricing policy is based on the fundamentals of supply versus demand which advocates a steady increment in the price of a limited edition fine art print commensurate with the sale of that particular ‘Edition'.

The price of Serigraphs at ‘The Serigraph Studio' is increased at regular pre-determined intervals and is based on the remaining number of Serigraphs that are available from each ‘Edition'.

Each ‘Edition' (Total Number of Prints of a Particular Composition) is divided into pre-determined lots of a fixed number of prints prior to the launch and as each lot is sold the price moves to the next higher level or price point.

‘The Serigraph Studio' will increase the price of its Serigraphs in a manner such that the last lot of Serigraphs from each edition will be sold by us at a minimum of double the launch price of that edition, thus ensuring that all buyers, investors and collectors are assured of an appreciation on their original purchase price.

Once the ‘Edition' is completely sold out by the publisher or distributor the price and demand typically tends to escalate for that particular ‘Edition' due to its rarity and the price can only be determined in the secondary market, Our website would however continue to display the launch price and the final sales price from our studio of all sold out editions for the benefit of those seeking such information.'