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  Our Background
‘The Serigraph Studio' is a fine art publishing firm and was launched in the year 2003 by Bombay based art collector Lavesh Jagasia having a futuristic vision and an in-depth working knowledge of the ‘Contemporary Indian Art' scene based on years of hands-on experience in acquiring art and interacting closely with artists and gallerists.

The ‘Contemporary Indian Art' market is growing rapidly and collectors from within India and abroad have gone into overdrive acquiring works of established ‘Senior Masters' and the next rung of artists projected as ‘Future Masters' pushing the prices of collectible works of art to astronomical levels, Also resulting in an acute shortage in the availability of good quality works for the discerning buyer.

In such a scenario the only way that any kind of collector of ‘Contemporary Indian Art' whether an amateur or an established serious sort with deep pockets would be able to land a ‘Masterpiece' is slim to none with an exception to a situation of engaging in feverishly competitive bidding in an art auction.

This being the ground reality it left the collectors wanting for more, on being faced with this situation as a collector, Lavesh Jagasia did a thorough research on the visual arts scene in the more developed and mature art markets studying the popularity and demand for their paintings and the result of this on other forms of visual art such as prints, sculptures, installations and conceptual art. The answer was obvious, ‘Original Prints', as these were regarded as ‘Multiple Originals' by the artist and accepted as such by the art collecting and dealing community, also the visual experience afforded by a good quality ‘Multiple Original' was no different from a ‘Singular Original'. The market and demand for ‘Original Prints; was so huge that almost all galleries and dealers were engaged in the trading of these types of prints along with paintings. Self admittedly by some of the gallerists and dealers the frequency of transaction being much higher in these than the ‘Singular Original' works due to its attractive price point.

Having identified with success the natural path of the art market the next step was to study and develop an understanding of ‘ What is a Fine Art Print? ' and ‘What are the different types of Fine Art Prints?' and to try and make available such types of prints of contemporary Indian artists, Amongst these types of prints, ‘Serigraphs' a type of print made by the ‘ Serigraphic Process ' caught his fancy due to its colour latitude and the similarity between an original painting and a ‘Serigraph' and did a detailed study on ‘ What is a Serigraph? '.

With all these new concepts in mind Lavesh Jagasia unfolded his future plans to respected and senior artists Paritosh Sen and Jogen Chowdhury both of whom were very encouraging and supportive and assured him that he was on the correct path and that the time for ‘Fine Art Prints' was finally here. This was the beginning of ‘The Serigraph Studio', after which the usual business name selection, paperwork and registrations followed.

With a passion for art and a strong sense of commitment towards the future growth of this wonderful world of art collecting , Lavesh Jagasia, a perfectionist to the core presents to art connoisseurs, aficionados and enthusiasts a new dimension to the art world in the form of ‘The Serigraph Studio'.